Daydream Plus


Out of nowhere we saw something today we couldn’t help but pass along with the smooth, buttery sounds of Daydream Plus and their debut EP Clues Recalled From Memory. There’s a sunny, jazz-but-not-quite disposition that makes it perfect for the slowly chilling afternoons, and as a bonus, comes from a rather unexpected place.

Guitarist Payson Power and drummer Max Klebanoff both play in a band you might have heard of recently if you’re into the heavier side of things. While it bears almost nothing in resemblance to Daydream Plus’s easy going palette, the fact that these guys happen to play in death metal ragers Tomb Mold makes the contrast twice as interesting, and a recent Facebook had their main influences listed as Toe and Uchu Conbini.

Tying all these elements together with the poolside aesthetic cover art by John Slaby was a smart choice, whose subtly emotive work you’ve seen with Title Fight and Turnover. Check out the smooth, buttery goodness of “More Time Alone” below.

“Navigator” is somewhere a little more between CHON, A-tota-so and tide/edit with it’s emotional minimalism and chewy, saturated mix. We mean that in the ‘grocery store bought chocolate chip cookie’ way though, where it’s just really sweet, which is… you know, like the higher frequency of taste, we’re pretty sure.

The rest of the EP is certainly worth checking out if you like anything we’ve mentioned above, and it’s also an excuse for you to check out Tomb Mold’s latest album Aperture of Body if you haven’t. They’re a pretty interesting band as far as death metal goes, and it will be really exciting to see if they start to bring any of that to this project in the future, or hell, even vice versa. We’ll keep you posted.

What a quick trip, we just saw the record posted in the Math Rock / Post Exchange on Facebook and knew we had to share it. Check out the whole thing here on their Bandcamp, and throw us a coffee here sometime, because why not! Coming up we’ve got a surprise drop from Childspeak, interviews with Martin Bisi and Yowie, and a whole lot more. Thanks for reading!