When hanging about with “music journalists,” it’s a safe bet that somewhere down the road, you’ll receive a hot, steaming earful about ‘Best Of’ lists, and how publishing them in November or early December is downright irresponsible. Today, we introduce you to one of those albums that people in the underground will point to as irrefutable proof of said axiom: Legos is at it again.

In 2016, Legos (aka one Kyle Potter) dropped a syrupy sweet batch of electronic bangers that combined the laid back flow of Waxamillion and mid-era CHON with the percussive textures of Chevreuil and Teebs. The self-titled record’s hypnotic center is surrounded by bits jazz, acid-house, and occasionally, mid-west Emo. So it’s great to see Polytropics, the newest record from Legos, deepen all of these relationships.

This time around, it seems like there’s a lot more substance beneath the pleasantries as well. Not to say the last one wasn’t deep for what it was. But as evidenced by the joyous waves of noise in single “Irreversible Boundaries,” Polytropics has a few more layers to it. As the record progresses, Kyle slowly wades into the Baths side of the pool, and we’re absolutely thrilled.

On the other hand, Polytropics also seems to satisfy the same itch we’d scratch with Adebisi Shank in their widely misunderstood final years. Just as Shank would occasionally dip into trad Irish pub melodies, Legos is steeped in lush Floridian feel. If you listen close enough to the echoing steel drums of “Toco,” or the slow, reverberated swells of “Hadal,” you can hear the very essence of Orlando.

Listening to Polytropics is un-ironically one of the most blissful records to come out of 2021. We’ve listened to a HELL of a lot this year, and enjoyed damn near every minute. But Legos’ authentic sweetness stands as one of 2021’s brighter moments – at no point does the album feel like it’s following trends or changing it’s style for anything but itself.

So once again we are faced with altering our Top 25 of the year by Legos and a fantastical new record. Check out Polytrics on the Legos Bandcamp here. That being said, we’re hoping to drop the list by New Years Eve! Although we’re sure there’s some bloody genius out there waiting for the stroke of midnight to release another masterpiece. Thanks to everyone who has Bought Us A Coffee this year to keep the site updated and our writers prolific! In fact, if you want to spread some Christmas cheer, you can buy us one here. Happy holidays from everyone here at Fecking. We love you.