let's swim, get swimming


Brighton’s brightest pair of of mathematical water-sport champions are back just in time for Spring, with not one but two brand new singles.

That’s right – we’re talking about Let’s Swim, Get Swimming, a band that firmly placed themselves on our radar with their 2017 debut EP. They’ve been erecting a tower of carpel tunnel-inducing riffs and bombastic drumming ever since, and though the sounds have varied, there’s always been a carefree attitude bringing it all together.

It’s all of this and more on the band’s latest batch, appropriately titled Coper Shops and Train Drivers. If you haven’t already, visit “Rodney’s Copper Shop” below to see what we’re on about.

We’re loving the dynamic but in your face mix of both singles present here. “Rodney’s Copper Shop” balances a lot of nimble jazz drumming with the quieter parts, and goes full wack at the drop of a hat to match the grainy guitars.

Let’s Swim, Get Swimming also rep a particularly intersection of math rock whether know it’s or not, bridging the gap between heavier bands like Alpha Male Tea Party or Iran, Iran and popular strains of US math rock like Floral, Covet and standards.

We’re not saying that’s all they are, though, because they don’t really sound like any of the bands above. They just sound like they splash around in the same pool – we’d say swimming, but one time someone saw us swimming, and told us we weren’t doing it right, not even remotely. So we’re not really authorities on that.

Apparently we ‘doggy-paddle.’

Okay, so maybe we need lessons. Who better to see than these guys, right? Regardless, let’s jam, get jamming the new Let’s Swim, Get Swimming here on their Bandcamp. Or you can buy, get guying us a coffee here. Hey, it was worth a shot – coming up we’ve got a big one from Lynx, as well as Double Mint Dragon and a whole lot more. Thanks for reading and enjoy the weekend!