Sometimes you look at a record and just know it’s gonna be a banger. Take a look at the cover of the latest album from Lima’s Kinder, for instance.

That little gummy guy there, soaring through the sky, positively radiates happiness. You don’t even have to listen to the record to get a hit of dopamine from it. Just look at that smile.

Luckily, Kinder’s immediately accessible album visuals are sustained by the music within. Buzzing, chirping, and arpeggiating it’s way into your brain, Desastres Naturales para Niños splits it’s time between funky, psychedelic post-rock and futuristic math.

It’s also got a strong Peruvian flavor to it, which was recently described to us by Juan Godfrid as one of the more distinct Latin American flavors. We didn’t understand it at the time, but now, we think we’re starting to get it, and we are hungry for more.

Check out the delcarative “Dream Master below.

Roughly translated to English, the album’s title means ‘natural disasters for children,’ which is hilariously on point for the bands slightly feverish aesthetic. The vibe is consistent throughout, but it also employs a number of different emotions and dynamics to tell a more detailed story. We might not know all of what it means, but we hear a saga, and a beautiful one at that.

Songs like “Primeras horas” and “Las colinas” in particular are hard to categorize – at times it sounds like the electronic post-Adebisi Shank project, Speed of Snakes, but not as frisky. It’s got the pacing and plotting a lot more characteristic of math rock or prog a la the recently reunited Austin TV. If you’re looking for a uniquely fun addition to your spring and summer soundtracks, the record is full of ideal jams for just such an occasion, but you’ll most likely be coming back long after to relive these fun-sized nuggets of childish disaster. We know we will.

There have been some really cool album titles this year but Desastres Naturales para Niños is certainly a top contender – it also kinda matches their name! But more importantly, don’t forget that Kinder released a killer record in 2016, which you’ve got to check out here. That was one of our favorite records that year, for sure, and this one just might be the same. If you want to keep us dehydrated but energized enough to keep things running around here, hit us with some Joe here. Otherwise, coming up we’ve got Double Mint Dragon, The Bob Lazar Story, Lynx, Let’s Swim Get Swimming, and more. Thanks for reading!