Lily Hutchins


Man, what a year for reunions and remasters and such. This year, we even get both with the triumphant return of Lynx, as they decided to grace us not just with a remastered debut, but an EP of unrecorded material that was recently re-recorded.

That’s like, huge. It’s one thing to polish off a relic of the past to make sure it survives future generations, but it’s another task altogether to breathe new life into it. They didn’t just revamp the new EP. They got back into the mindset and realized, as they lovingly put it, that “it didn’t suck.”

And we’re here to heartily agree. Check out the latest Lynx below – it’s not old, and it’s not new. It’s just right now – in fact, you might be surprised at just how fresh these tracks sound in general. We are honored as heck to premier a full EP of Human Speech for you below. Enjoy.

It’s like these guys didn’t even age. Much like math rock mainstays Don Caballero, Lynx carries a tune in such an idiosyncratic way that it transports you immediately into their sonically skewed, borderline comedic abode. You can’t help but grin.

Also, these new songs kind rock – “Human Speech,” which was released last month, teased a crunchy, muscular strut for the band, focusing less on absurdity on more on overall girth. It makes sense that it’s actually the title track for the EP, as the various nooks and crannies explored by it are actually quite varied, and beg a number of descriptors as listeners wander through with tracks like “Lessy Mess” and the undulating “Softly Ultra.”

Listen, we are just trying to bask in the moment here. Having a band like Lynx is just what we needed, and if you haven’t already, why don’t you make sure to catch the remastered version of their debut below. You know the Computer Student people aced the packaging and layout of the whole thing, not to mention any minor sonic redistributions.

We’ve never been so happy to have “Explosive Diarrhea” in such high definition. With a sound that easily fits a number of descriptors while simultaneously defying them, Lynx bring a brand of menace to math rock, and just like everyone else, we have missed it so in it’s absence. It’s good to have them back.

So glad they’re back! Big thanks to Julien Fernandez for hooking up the exclusive – order Lynx remasters from Computer Students here and fill up our never-ending coffee jug here. It’s so disgusting and dirty but hey it keeps the blog afloat. And occasionally tastes good. Anyway, coming up we’ve got Double Mint Dragon, The Bob Lazar Story, and many more. Thanks for reading!