We were pretty stoked a month or so ago to announce the imminent return of Lynx, a turn of the century math rock band who’s legacy of influence is hard to overstate.

Upon the announcement, people’s heads exploded – twice. Not only was the band putting together a reissue with Computer Students, one of the best engineering boutiques in the business, but they were also putting out previously unreleased material.

These are both excellent announcements, even if you’re not really familiar with the band. After all, it has been about 19 years since the world at large really heard anything from them. Thankfully, we are past this phase – check out the first taste of the unreleased material from the band below, which comes courtesy of Everything is Noise blog.


Here’s what they had to say about the new stuff – we’re just really excited that not only is it unreleased, but rerecorded:

“We recognized this opportunity as the perfect chance to resolve any unfinished business we had with those three unrecorded ‘new’ songs from 1999 and 2000. During the summer of 2021, we referenced audio from decades-old videos of that last tour, relearned how to play all of the respective parts, and recorded the three songs live with Seth Manchester at Machines with Magnets. Those three lost tunes — “Human Speech,” “Less Messy,” and “Softly Ultra”— formed the Human Speech EP.”

“Human Speech” does have kind of a recognizable Machines with Magnets Studio feel, with Manchester adding a sense of warm, sparkling space-rock to the track. In fact, seeing as he is the guy to produce And So I Watch You From Afar‘s The Endless Shimmering, the subtle textures and booming drums should come as no surprise, and we wouldn’t change a thing because it fits the song perfectly.

Here’s hoping we hear more of that new Lynx by the end of the month! We’ll keep you posted ;)

Fine, you can go have a weekend now. Check out the reissue / new EP details here or buy us a coffee here you’re just so, so thankful for all the hard work we do in math rock town. Coming up we’ve got more from The Bob Lazar Story, Teen Prime, Two Brothers, After Nations, and more. Have a great weekend, everyone!