Horse Torso


Back in something like the 6th grade, we remember Mrs. Ackerman telling us that saying “no offense” after saying something offensive was actually still offensive. While this kicked off an explosion of appreciation for language for some of us, we wonder if somewhere in the back of the classroom was Horse Torso, inspired now to write the perfect apology.

It’s not an easy thing to do gracefully, we’ll admit. But it’s always very healthy, sometimes even rewarding – Horse Torso is here with a new single that intimately dissects these finer points… or at least, deconstructs them, which just might help with that apology you’ve been putting off.

It’s certainly possible… we just can’t imagine who you’d be apologizing to while this track plays in the background. It would have to be someone important. Your parents? Jazz professors? Jazz itself? We actually think Jazz itself would be kind of stoked on “Sorry, Deconstructed.”

Check it out below for yourself.

It’s the first single from the band’s upcoming EP World Line, Eviscerated, and much like their noisy neighbors in Yowie and Terms, they fully lean into the deconstruction of just about everything in sight… but different. Whether it’s melody or rhythm, the band says its sights on an absolutely jarring flow, and never miss despite treacherous trajectories. And we do mean treacherous – it takes all of, what, fifteen seconds for the song to uncannily resemble an actual jazz nightmare. Yeah, they’re real.

The thing about Horse Torso is that this pensive primordial soup is really their bread and butter – in a post-Slint world, taking slow-core to new places shouldn’t sound like Slint. It should sound like the cantankerous kids of Slint, and that is genuinely one of the things that comes to mind as “Sorry, Deconstructed” rattles itself apart in a way only Horse Torso could.

Were you aware that all it takes to break someone out of a jazz trance is a slap in the face? For more information on what you can do for your friends when they choke up and freeze in wonderment, you’ll have to watch more Mighty Boosh. For now, be sure to pre-order this manic concoction here or buy us a coffee here. Coming up we’ve got Snatcher of Castles, Ssighborggg, Dylan Lounsberry, and a whole lot more. Thanks for reading!