illegal jazz brunch


It has been too damn long since we heard from our friends in Illegal Jazz Brunch. Can you believe it’s been since 2020?

Oh, don’t worry – despite their name, we assure you that the only consequences resulting from their music are that of pure joy. It’s actually legal. Nothing to see here, officer.

Okay… they’re gone, yeah? That was close – too close. It’s true – Illegal Jazz Brunch are back with a silky smooth new single, and hey, if it gives you a little bit of a buzz, what’s the crime?

Come on, while they’re not looking – check out “A Lifetime” below.


The band’s progressive pop sensibilities continue to evolve musically but internally as well, with introspective lyrics and ever deepening flourishes of post-rock and jazz. It still goes down smooth… hey, romantic even, like an old film where the thieves get away.

The song’s outro is tried-and-true banger stuff with a shifty guitar solo and stuttering, stomping chords, raising the vibrations of an already resonant piece of work into the stratosphere. We’re not sure yet if this is part of a new batch of songs, which would be cool, but if this is all we can get for now, we’ll take it and run.

Check it out on Bandcamp here – or, you know, buy us a coffee here. We’re jonesin’. Actually, we are trying the mushroom coffee stuff. It’s not too bad, but we like the real thing. We know you do too – coming up we’ve got Horse Torso, Snatcher of Castles, Dylan Lounsberry