Myron Fong

NEW MUSIC // Floral offer a sign of the times with ‘The Good Song’

Floral are a band who have taken technical guitar-driven math rock down a side street. The band produce memorable, ear-burrowing melodies that have a much longer shelf-life and, let’s face it, are just downright catchy. It’s no wonder the two-piece have moved so quickly and efficiently up the rungs of the scene ladder.

‘The Good Song’ is Floral’s next offering from their upcoming and much anticipated debut album. Consider it a timestamp, an exemplar of the contemporary math rock song. Its gorgeous melodies are delivered at frenetic pace. Its impetuous tempo changes and structural discordance add an air of unpredictability and rhythmic fluidity. It’s a track you can get lost in, but not stray too far from home.

The Floral LP is out February 15. Check out the latest on Floral’s Facebook page and Bandcamp page.

Feature image credit: Myron Fong