Monobody – S/T (2015)

Math rockers and jazz aficionados rejoice! The highly anticipated self-titled LP from Chicago-based supergroup, Monobody, has arrived. Blending the free flowing jazz feel from Loose Lips Sink Ships, the multi-instrumental experimentation of Renaissance Sound, the electronica of The Soft Greens, and the dissonant math rock of The Para-Medics, this debut album merges together a plethora of musical soundscapes.

Harnessing a free-form jazz sensibility with a smooth progressive rock dynamic, Monobody blends each member’s musical intuitions in a distinct way. Each track explores unique territories, abruptly shifting from one to another, yet maintaining a prominent backbone that reiterates a calm yet dissonant lounge jazz sound. ‘I Heard Them on the Harbour’ and ‘Gilgamesh (R-Texas)’ are prime examples of this haunting vibe. In contrast, the progressive, mathy feel to tracks like ‘Exformation’ emphasizes the mellow tone and profundity of tracks like ‘Country Doctor’. Another notable feature to Monobody’s sound is their unique use of two bassists, heard playing off one another throughout ‘Lifeguard on a Helpless Bounty’ and ‘I Heard Them on the Harbour’, somewhat reminiscent of Renaissance Sound’s atmospheric sensibilities.

Despite each song carrying a distinct blueprint, their shared influences in jazz, prog, and math rock are strong. The listener is never completely lead astray, regardless of what intricate motif Monobody introduces. Each track of Monobody’s self-titled debut is a journey in itself, only made possible by each member’s evidently strong musicianship.

File Under

Instrumental, Progressive, Math Rock, Slow Groove, Electronic, Soothing

Sounds A Tad Like

Soft Machine, Loose Lips Sink Ships, King Crimson, Father Figure


Vinyl and digital via Naked Ally Records