LITE – Cubic (2016)

In their 14 years of existence LITE have always been good at doing something new on each release; using different instruments, adding a sprinkle of other genres one wouldn’t normally associate with them and generally keeping things fresh. Yet they always seems to maintain a mix of clean guitar twiddle and filthy funk rhythms that is theirs alone. One never expects a carbon copy with new LITE.

The latest release Cubic follows their tradition so far perfectly, and without hesitation let’s cut to the point that LITE have not disappointed. Fans of ‘Installation’ and the masterly ‘For All Innocence’ should gather round and rejoice. The first two beasts ‘Else’ and ‘Balloon’ (which will be familiar to those who heard their Red Bull studio session) follow an enjoyable script that paves the way for exploration later on.

One thing LITE have been very good at, and it’s rarity in our niche, is making upbeat, smile inducing mathy. On Cubic it’s here in piles, ‘Warp’ has those undefined flying vocals shoved through a cotton candy machine, ‘Angled’ has those off-kilter riff grooves your nan likes, and ‘D’ is littered with enough cool trombone licks to make Trombone Shorty testify.

The only reservation here is that Cubic feels a little short, perhaps because it’s so good one wants more. Personally I like a succinct offering, but others might want more donk for their dollar. Of course this is a fine addition to an already meaty discography.

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Play that funky music in a weird time signature, Japanese boy. Play that funky music right.

Sounds A Tad Like

Battles, Rega, Don Cab


$8 on Bandcamp


Tokyo, Japan