Legos – Legos (2016)

In one of my recurring daydreams is a place where the power cuts out for an hour every Sunday after lunch. It’s like a law: electricity and gas supplies get turned off (apart from hospitals, which probably have their own backup power anyway or something), cars are somehow magically shut down, and people actually have to amuse themselves without glowing screens.

But the best part of the daydream is that the people are used to it – for them, it’s normal. It’s always happened like that. No TV, no internet, no phones, no cars… Obviously the weather is always clement, and in the panning camera of my mind I see folk hanging in parks, gardens; lying on shady sofas reading books made of carbon-based materials; skipping through fields of rape with gay abandon™…

I’m not going to lie, this daydream relaxes me. It fills me with a bliss that we humans still have the capacity to enjoy our reality directly, and with a hope that the number of humans who would also see this daydream as a potential step forward is swelling like a suggestive simile. I’ve even given some thought to the actual logistics of it as well: world leaders, give me a call.

So imagine my surprise, then, when I realised that some dude from Orlando called Kyle (a.k.a. Legos) must have had the same daydream and written the soundtrack for it. Only in his version of “happy hour” he’s probably floating through the ether playing magical acoustic instruments escorted by cherubim and seraphim. Although you’d have to confirm that with Kyle.

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Instrumental, jazz, electronica

Sounds A Tad Like

Steely Dan interpreted by hippie robots from the 25th century

Standout Tracks

Mono, Lychee


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