GUG – I Gotta GUG Feelin’ (2018)

Ladies and gents, do we even need to introduce you to two of the United Kingdom’s finest math rock riff lords: Dan Wild-Beesley and Tom Peters? You already know the levels to which these lads slay in Cleft and Alpha Male Tea Party, respectively. You might even know them from their lauded riff-off at ArcTanGent 2015. Now, add to this blazing six string shit-storm the vocals of Ben Forrester of Bad Grammar and Peaks fame. You just made the supergroup trio GUG.

Where they found the time to pull together GUG is a mystery, with Ben busily flogging his new Peaks wares; Tom splitting time between AMTP and sound production; and Dan who most unfortunately has been spending his time in Istanbul recovering from stage 4 brain cancer (serious note: please consider donating and helping this cat get better. Please.). Nevertheless, despite being separated by seas and situations, the three have managed to find rehearsal and recording time in between busy ol’ life to bring you this noisy masterpiece I Gotta GUG Feelin’.

It’s an album that’ll have you nodding your noggin with approval. Dan’s guitar riffs are deep and brooding atop Tom’s bucket-thumping. Ben spends most of the record spitting out lyrics in thick British vernacular, revitalising the raw spirit of Blakfish, Polio and countless other UK greats lost up the river. “The whole EP was recorded more or less live to a click track with Ben’s vocals being laid on top afterwards and guitars being double tracked,” Dan tells me, “”it sounds like what it is – three best mates, having fun, making the nastiest music we could imagine.

I Gotta GUG Feelin’ is all the proof you need that you can’t keep good, passionate musicians down.

a1369708735_10I Gotta GUG Feeling is coming out today, so quit being a freeloader and go buy it. Be sure to also catch GUG playing live at the glorious ArcTanGent festival on August 16-18th. Be sure to hit up their merch page as well for some dope threads!