Things Amazing – Amazing Things (2018)

Atlanta, Georgia math-rock outfit, Things Amazing, have released their playfully captivating debut LP, Amazing Things. The opening song, “Trash Boat”, is fairly reminiscent of the poppy light-hearted sounds of Wot Gorilla?, leading directly into an energetic Alpha Male Tea Party-esque banger, “Akrasia”. It doesn’t take long to tell how dynamic and expressive each member’s playing can be. Nothing is too repetitive on this album. Each song is a set of fresh, new ideas that are finely polished and concisely arranged with a Cleft-like sense of urgency that could be considered “turbo-prog”. “Transference” is a prime example of this with its somewhat linear structure and driving technicality.

Some brief vocals in the song, “Bonfire”, add even more dimension to Things Amazing’s already unique sound, wrapping up the band’s debut LP with another example of their versatility.

File Under

Math rock, instrumental post rock, riffs

Sounds A Tad Like

ASIWYFA, Alpha Male Tea Party, Bearded Youth Quest


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Atlanta, Georgia