EXCLUSIVE // Watch the video for Tall Talker’s new single “Blaster”


For as long as I have been aware of triumphant Leeds math rock trio, Tall Talker, I have been totally enamoured with them; their ability to create complex, “mathematical” music which remains tasteful and solidly abundant in groove (think Vasudeva) has them ranked pretty highly in my books.

New single Blaster opens with an intricately slapped intro from immensely-skilled guitarist Zach North-Moore, reminiscent of something you might hear on an Animals as Leaders track, before blooming/exploding forth into a somewhat unabashed, yet wonderfully nuanced riot of sound, rich in atmosphere (In a Town Portal sorta way) and headbanging potential.
But that’s not all: disjointed rhythms are also present alongside a menagerie of technical riffery, successions of powerful basslines that may rip a portion of your skin from bone [FB is not liable for any circumstantial injuries] and a short sorta jazzy breakdown section in the middle – which in fact gives perfect opportunity for fools like me to gurn approvingly under the false pretence we have some level of sophistication.

Somehow equally leaving devout prog-metal fans clutching their 47 string guitars in wonder and the more emo-persuaded among our leagues thoroughly enraptured, all-the-while simultaneously entertaining those of us who just like rrrriiiiiffffffffssssssssss, Tall Talker truly has something for everyone!

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