EXCLUSIVE // Watch Monobody perform ‘Lifeguard of a Helpless Body’

You may well have a case if you assert that 2014 was the year when prog rock (re)joined forces with math rock. This year we have been treated to a more than generous handful of prog-rich material from, oh I dunno, Father Figure, Houdan The Mystic, Oceanic, Trioscapes, Prismatic Mantis, Night Idea, and Lambhorn.

Of course, we did deliberately leave out something rather important. There was also that monumental event, the ‘epoch’ if you will, where members of Loose Lips Sink Ships, Renaissance Sound, The Para-medics and The Soft Greens amalgamated to become a prog-math monobody called Monobody. A proof of this event emerged in October, when our buddies at Musical Mathematics premiered Monobody’s debut live track ‘Curry Courier Career’. You remember that right? You know, that time when the online music community totally lost their shit, including us?

Well, allow us to continue this legacy of misplaced shit with a brand new video. Fecking Bahamas are proud to be premiering the follow up live track, ‘Lifeguard of a Helpless Body’, from Monobody’s live sessions, courtesy of Naked Ally Records. From its bass tapped introduction through to its resonating finish (not to mention a slightly concerning yell at 4:12 that may cause you to double-take), ‘Lifeguard of a Helpless Body’ will have you hooked with its cool prog, upbeat jazz and mathy textures.

Keep your eyes peeled for Monobody’s debut release in Spring 2015. In the meantime keep up to date via Facebook.