EXCLUSIVE // Watch Classically Handsome Brutes’ perform ‘Gabbleratchet’ live at Technoir Sessions


Fecking Bahamas presents you with Leeds’ noise-loving and simple-meter-hating Classically Handsome Brutes, who recently gave an intense performance of their schizofrenic song ‘Gabbleratchet’ over at Technoir Sessions.

They kick it off with urgent screeching, then the Brutes jump into hard-hitting breakdowns, frequently disrupting those with fast and nails-on-chalkboard-dissonant fills that possess the audible insanity of kindred noise-spirits The Locust. Before you know they slow down into a dark and jazzy intermezzo, only to ravage these smooth melodies again with a brutal blast of cacophony, powerthing through until the end. It’s the most beautiful mess you will hear today.

Classically Handsome Brutes released an EP called Prolegomena two years ago that you should check out. If you live in the UK, make sure to follow their Facebook for upcoming tour dates.