Tippwerk – Exotics (2017)

In Exotics, New York trio Tippwerk prove they are as compelling as they are ephemeral. Having proclaimed their imminent farewell last year on Facebook, the band mysteriously returned unannounced this year with this full length album. No press, no posts. The circulation of this thing has been pretty much organic.

And, despite the band’s choice to not wade knee-deep in promotion, Exotics has been getting considerable traction on its own merit. And understandably so: this seven track album of hot-wired instrumental jazz is exceptional. The composition is teeming with imagination, incorporating masterful key changes and complex chord progressions. The percussion comprises fusion, blast beats, double-kick breakdowns, and off-the-wall polyrhythms.

Overall, Exotics is a feast of jazz, blues, metal, progressive rock and math rock; it’s a rollercoaster ride that showcases the diverse array of sounds and motifs that can be achieved by the guitar-bass-drums trifecta. Tippwerk, we hear ya and we rate ya.

File Under

Jazz, progressive rock, heavy, instrumental

Sounds A Tad Like

Trioscapes, Lye By Mistake, Animals As Leaders


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New York, New York