EXCLUSIVE // Vasudeva pack light but venture far with new single ‘Yamaha’

Vasudeva, a band that for many underground aficionados requires no introduction. Over their near-decade span, the band have moved from a straight-up-the-middle math rock trio to a more mature and cohesive instrumental outfit making wider use of the sonic sphere. It couldn’t be more fitting to the band’s name, taken from a character in Hermann Hesse’s gorgeous novel Siddhartha. Vasudeva is a simple ferryman, but with a strong philosophical conscience that pushes the eponymous protagonist towards existential enlightenment.

This is very much Vasudeva’s style: pack light, but venture far. It’s not about picking the highest hanging fruit, but rather finding the richest and juiciest across the full extent of the tree. It couldn’t be more evident in the tracks the band are slowly revealing off their upcoming Generator. The exciting element of opener ‘Breaks’ is its shimmery, noir aesthetic. The crisp and elevating ‘Stockmar’ shines out with its delicate interweaving of guitar and piano.

Vasudeva’s latest pre-release offering from Generator is the cool, poignant closer ‘Yamaha’, featuring a luscious animation sequence from Jason Edmunds. Generator will, once again, prove that Vasudeva are a force to be reckoned with, and they have less arsenal than you think.

Vasudeva’s third full length is out on April 10th. You can pre-order Generator over here. Remember to keep social distancing and help save your grandma during this weird and wild times.