We were just about to say it’s high time we heard from the wilder side of math rock, and as if on cue, we we asked to help administer an exclusive dose from our friends over at SKiN Graft Records, and it does not disappoint. In fact, Terms‘ first single from upcoming album All Becomes Indistinct (out April 21st) has us tingling with feverish anticipation.

The duo’s noisy, densely orchestrated sound is as alien and overwhelming as ever, with boundlessly brutalized drums from Danny Piechoki (Ahleuchatistas, Jitters) and babbling brooks of hostile guitar vomit courtesy of Chris Trull, who you might recognize from Yowie and Grand Ulena.

But there’s more here than we anticipated, and we anticipated a lot. Before we get all the way into it, just check out “Teetering Scree” below and see what we mean.

See? That was a lot of fun, right? But it also got kind of serious.

We could be wrong, but it’s almost like between the frenetic destructo-scapes we’ve come to expect from the band, there might just be a sense of emotional urgency. Maybe it’s just unbridled passion. We could be wrong, but whatever it is, it helps keep the listener hooked on every detail in every second, and adds a different dimension to the obsession through this hint of hidden depth.

Speaking of depths and details, believe it or not, the record was record by, and mixed by, Terms themselves. This doesn’t always go well, so hats off to them. But also, “Teetering Scree” and the rest of the album gets a perfectly fizzy front-and-center mastering job from Carl Saff, who always slays that kind of thing.

Whichever way you slice it, the single wastes no time forcibly lodging itself into your psyche, prompting listens to ask important questions like, ‘is this the note between B and C?’, ‘is this the fabled H that comes after G in the musical alphabet?’, and/or ‘am I god?’ It’s a bewilderment of the highest order, and we can’t wait till the whole thing is out in April. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

In no uncertain Terms – what a ride. Pre-order All Becomes Indistinct here. You can check out all the other amazing stuff from SKiN Graft Records here as well, and if you want, you can buy us a coffee here. But that’s not important – what is important is we’ve got loads of cool stuff coming up just around the corner, including the next comp! That’s right, we’re coming for you, East Coast / Midwest. With love, of course. Thanks for reading!