EXCLUSIVE // Stream Two Knights’ new album ‘Effing’

Two Knights promo photo

It’s a labour of love for Parker Lawson and Miles DeBruin of Texas outfit Two Knights. Biting their time between their many other projects, including but not limited to Flesh Born, Mimisiku, Father Figure, and Whimper, the duo have built a reputation for their wild live shows and dissonant take on the emo sound. Given the perceptibly overwhelming working hours these passionate buds give themselves, it thus seems unsurprising that we’ve holding out for a follow up to their 2014 debut Shut Up for this long.

As it always is, good things come to those who wait. Effing is the raucous sophomore from Parker and Miles, a delicious cacophony incorporating the raw catharsis of mid-Western emo, the abrasion of noise rock, and the vivacity and technicality of math rock. This six track release sees the duo making their way through pop-rich hooks, discordant guitar noodles, and wildly chaotic noise, with Parker spitting out various forms of ennui and existential frustration throughout the record.

Overall, Effing is a fantastic follow up to Shut Up; it’s an album that sees Two Knights once again putting their hearts on their sleeves, and letting their instruments communicate their raw emotions. It is an album that at time fierce and other times meditative, and it is one you should not be sleeping on.

a1369708735_10‘Effing’ will be released by Skeletal Lightning on September 1st. You can go throw money at a pre-order via the Two Knights bandcamp page. Yo.