EXCLUSIVE // Stream the latest video from the NY No Wave Stallions in Horse Torso

Horse Torso is a 4-piece chaotic, instrumental no wave/math rock band featuring bassist Nick Jost of Baroness, drummer/composer Danny Sher, and guitarists Andrew Smiley and Dustin Carlson. The band is set to release their second album, MIKROPIANIST, on August 21, which you can pre-order on Bandcamp now, and math rock label Coup Sur Coup Records will be releasing tapes for the album. We’re thrilled to have the exclusive premiere for their music video for the song “This Guy…This is Not My Kind of Guy” off the album.

Drummer Danny Sher describes their latest album as “the sonic consciousness of a human rorschach test”. Horse Torso has risen in the local New York math scene as one of the most interesting sounding No Wave influenced math bands around today. Fans of Don Caballero, U.S. Maple, Yowie, Cleric, and other heavier angular math rock bands should have no problem adding Horse Torso’s new album to their music listening rotation.

You can grab MIKROPIANIST this Friday, but why not jump the queues and make a pre-order? Also look out the tapes via Coup Sur Coup Records, who are cool.