EXCLUSIVE // Stream ‘Robo Cop’s Lips’ the brand new single from KYLE


Start your Wednesday off right with a brand new banger from wacko Atlanta quartet KYLE. The band have, hitherto, been somewhat of a bizarrely impenetrable object; the members comprise Synth KYLE Guitar KYLE, Bass KYLE, and Drum KYLE; all albums are recorded and mixed by KYLE; their debut album, KYLE incidentally, comprised eight tracks, seven of which were named ‘KYLE’. There is not much room for investigative journalism here, so let’s just focus on the spicy tunes on offer.

‘Robo Cop’s Lips’ is the brand new single from the band’s upcoming album Pre Cum Post Jazz, out in May. It’s a coolly off-kilter experience that channels wonky electro bands like Alarmist, Gallops and Adebisi Shank. “This song is named after that part in Robo Cop where the bad guy who tried to kill Robo Cop in the beginning (Kurtwood Smith – Ed) recognizes him after hes been robofied,” says one of the KYLE’s, “it’s like, how did you recognize him, he’s a robot guy now? It’s cause of those lips you know? They’re iconic.”

Indeed, this track is as sensual and exciting as Peter Weller’s crime-fighting lips.

a1369708735_10KYLE’s new album ‘Pre Cum Post Jazz’ will be released in May with the help of Seafoam City Records.
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