EXCLUSIVE // Watch My Octopus Mind perform ‘Mocha Narwhal’ live

For many years Bristol has been a hub for great music and continues to be on the forefront of many genres and scenes. It goes without saying that experimental music is a big part of it’s musical identity. The amount of boundary-pushing is palpable, with bands like Memory of Elephants and Chiyoda Ku doing epic combined sets, solo artists like Steve Strong flourishing, jam bands like Waldo’s Gift re-interpreting music of other artists on a regular basis, and a plethora of crossover bands like My Octopus Mind that make genre titles useless. This is exactly what we are all about so, naturally, we are always more than excited to talk about Bristolian bands.

My Octopus Mind put a mathy/proggy spin on their folky/jazzy sound and it is a wonderful combination. The video above showcases the core 3 members in action but their full lineup usually adds some “fluctuating string section tentacles” to fill out the sound. Make sure you check them out this month if you happen to live in France or Belgium.  Check the dates below.