EXCLUSIVE // Stream Quadrilles’ New Record ‘Isotopes’


Fans of UK math pop, hear ye, year he

Math pop is a genre that the UK has a strong pedigree in. From early classics like This Town Needs Guns, Colour, Tubelord, Wot Gorilla! and Pennines to relative newcomers like Olympians and Pharaohs, as well as obviously Quadrilles, the genre has exploded up and down the country.

Quadrilles bring a distinctly different flavour, with intricate harmonies, riffs and eminently singable melodies backed up by a tight rhythm section and thudding, wandering basslines.

We’re particularly eager, therefore, to be able to stream directly to your ears the band’s new six-track release, Isotopes, which we’ve been raring for since we heard ‘Tightrope’, and which will be coming out on Lonely Voyage Records on the 27th April. We promise it’s only radioactive in the best possible way.

Check Quadrilles’ Facebook page and/or bandcamp page. You can also preorder Isotopes from the Lonely Voyage bandcamp page.