EXCLUSIVE // Stream Philharmongrel’s new single ‘Weltanshauung’

The existence of Irish pop-orchestra Philharmongrel has always been somewhat enigmatic. Despite having only released a small string of singles, the band have garnered almost 7000 followers on the ol’ Farcebook. Maybe it’s the many delectable textural layers constituting their songs that has helped them win over this impressive crowd. Maybe their followers are ex-fans of Philharmongrel’s previous project, the larger-than-life Kill Goliath, and maybe they are enthusiastically awaiting their newest musical spawn. Maybe it’s Maybelline? We may never know.

This week we are kicking off with a premiere of Philharmongrel’s newest single, another taster from what will finally be their full-length album Blisspoint. The track, ‘Weltanshauung’, is a cool pop excursion slowly ringing into life with delicious vocal harmonies and resonating guitar lines. Yet underneath its pop charms lies a 5/4 time signature, throwing all head-bopping impulses awry. Such is the propensity of this sextet, their music is like someone dropping a couple of pop rocks in a milkshake. Just a couple.

Keep an eye on the progress on Blisspoint via Philharmongrel’s Facebook page. And do unto others as you would have them do unto you and shit.