EXCLUSIVE // Stream Hollow Ran’s debut album ‘Thanks Your Welcome’


Straight off the back of a wild Japanese tour, West Coast two-piece Hollow Ran, who sleep for no human, are charging forth with their debut album Thanks Your Welcome (yes, that’s ‘your welcome’). It’s a masterwork of smart and vivacious math rock and quirky electronics. We are super duper excited about this release, which has been on the cards for quite some time, and to celebrate we are streaming the whole thing in full right here on our website.

Thanks Your Welcome is the result of months of intense collaboration and years of practice between members Taylor Ramsay (guitar, programming) and Trevor Magaña (drums, programming). The eight song banger, tracked live with Jon Modell at Tririlla Studios and Pacific Nature HQ, offers a revitalized take on the classic guitar-drum duo framework that features some prominently in the math rock community. Yep, Hollow Ran are picking up where many math rock two-pieces have, rest in peace, left off. Thank Yahweh.

bathing‘Thanks You’re Welcome’ will be released on CD and on vinyl through Pacific Nature Records, with the CD available June 22nd and vinyl available in October. Pre-orders for the vinyl are available now and come with an immediate digital download.

Band Photo: Will Eudave