EXCLUSIVE // Stream ‘Waffle and Worcestershire’ from TLRVT’s upcoming EP

You might have run into French band Travolta whilst on your daily bandcamp trawls back in 2016. The Parisian four-piece had released their debut EP Aronde, a collection of feelgood instrumental rock tricks in the vein of Enemies, Totorro and Low-Pass. It’s now 2018 and the band has traded vowels for riffs, now playing under the new moniker TLRVT and bringing a stronger, punchier sound. And this week we are proud to be streaming their latest harvest.

‘Waffle and Worcestershire’ is the title track from TLRVT’s upcoming EP, Classic Waffle, three tracks of groovy mathy-post rock with a mid-western emo sensibility, and taking influence from math and post rock acts like Totorro, Toe, Microflim, Tera Melos and Tortoise. ‘Waffle and Worcestershire’ is upbeat, playful and void of anything remotely somber. There’s happy times to be had here.

SMEISTLRVT’s new EP ‘Classic Waffle’ will be released online on January 24th. Keep up to date with their progress) via the band’s Facebook page. Zero vowels, zero mercy.