Dios Trio – II (2018)

Hang on, what? Who? You mean… No. Really?

Yes, as festive revelers took to booze, Dios Trio took to bandcamp, releasing their second full length album in 7 years, the aptly titled II. We’ve had our eyes on this one all year, and the final question is: was it worth the wait?

In short, yes. The lauded torchbearers of the late 2000’s math rock renaissance have gone above and beyond from their 2011 contemporary classic High On Bikes. Opener ‘Get Slept’ kickstarts the album into life with choice cuts of angular emo and pop punk, and cements the vision for II: an unadulterated good time, which doesn’t flinch a muscle right through to the slow burning closer ‘Artie T. Cooked The Books’. The production is crisp, the riffs are chunky. There is no reason to not to have fun with this release.

It is hard to avoid the journalistic trope that this band have ‘picked up where they left off’. But… Dios Trio have done just that. The band remain masters at what they do, and continue to revitalize a scene they helped shape.

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Math rock, instrumental, indie

Sounds A Tad Like

Stage Kids, Piglet, Loose Lips Sink Ships


$8USD on Bandcamp


Westborough, Massachusetts