EXCLUSIVE // Space Blood return with their new video ‘Sex Monk’

space blood

Behold! Our favourite masked math rock villains Space Blood are back! Coming off the back of a deliciously eccentric debut music video for ‘Cemetery School‘, the band have released their second music video from their debut full-length album Tactical Chunder. ‘Sex Monk’ is heavily influenced by American Don-era Don Caballero, Alpha Male Tea Party and Cleft. Visually the music video is influenced by the absurdist political satire the band injects into their live show and for their love of the comic stylings of Super Deluxe, Eric Andre, and Tim & Eric. Frankly, it’s a stroll in the park for these self-confessed weirdos.

In addition to releasing the music video, Space Blood is also hitting the road for some Midwest dates with the New York instrumental math rock band Marateck, who are touring in the U.S. and Canada in support of the release of their new album Time is Over. Full tour details can be found on the poster right here.

a1369708735_10Go grab a copy of Space Blood’s wacky album Tactical Chunder via the Lonely Voyage Records Bandcamp. Yah yah.