EXCLUSIVE // Skin Graft Records to release compilation of rare tracks from vintage math rock and noise rock bands

A mere few years away from marking its thirtieth anniversary, Skin Graft Records remains as dedicated and fervent as they were when the Berlin Wall came down. The Chicago-born records label has a well-deserved reputation as one of the defining providers of noise rock, no-wave, zeuhl, math rock; having brought the likes of Cheer Accident, Ruins, Yowie, Colossamite, Dazzling Killmen, and U.S Maple into the limelight.

Whether you’re looking for a guided tour into Skin Graft’s back catalogue, or you’re an SG-aficionado looking for new tunes from old bands, we’ve got some stellar news. Post Now: Round One – Chicago vs New York is a brand new compilation that sees Chicago bands matching up against New York bands in an all-out war of off-kilter aural madness. Each band has recorded two brand new songs, so devotees looking for brand new soundwaves will not be disappointed.

To top it off, we’re proudly complementing this announcement with an exclusive listen to a choice cut from The Flying Luttenbachers, their first recording in over 11 years. This track is absolutely bonkers. For this is , you’re gonna be hearing punk-jazz a la John Zorn’s Naked City, Clown Core. Think Dave Brubeck meets The Locust; Kamasi Washington meets Ruins. It’s a hyperactive frenzy of horns, blazing guitars and off-the-wall percussion.

In addition to the Luttenbachers, Post Now: Round One features the first recordings from new supergroup Skryptor (featuring Tim from Dazzling Killmen and Dave McClelland from craw), a new banger from Cheer-Accident with Todd from Dead Rider / U.S Maple on guitar and vocals, and oddball offerings from no-wavers Little Lovely Girls and noise rock demigods Cellular Chaos and Child Abuse. You won’t know what to do with yourself.

In all, this musical fight-to-the-death scenario sees eight bands in competition…
Cheer Accident vs The Flying Luttenbachers
Lovely Little Girls vs Skyptor
Bobby Conn vs Lovely Little Girls
Tijuana Hercules vs Child Abuse

a1369708735_10You can nab your hands on this special compilation by visiting Skin Graft’s Bandcamp page. Make sure you also give the label a good ol’ juicy ‘like’ on Facebook.