Time Fog


It’s always a pleasure when Fecking Bahamas alumni bring something more than just writing to the table, and our long time contributor William Covert does this in many ways. Today, we introduce you to his next personal opus, Time Fog: Music for Liminal Moments. A far cry from his output with Ands, these synth-y ruminations are cut from a spookier, more cinematic cloth altogether.

“Tenebrae,” the albums flagship single, positively pulses with… well, dread. Bloody, pulpy, wide-eyed dread. But we mean that in a good way. In the words of Will:

“The idea behind calling the album Time Fog: Music for Liminal Moments came from me living alone and working from home during the pandemic, and at the height of it, just spending lots of hours and days totally alone in isolation. This album is the music that came from time.”

“In many ways, it’s a musical continuation of my first solo album, Music for Synthesizer and Drums. This album has a lot of new elements that my last album didn’t, with modular synth being predominant on almost all the tracks and during quarantine I took it upon myself to modify my acoustic drum kit to be triggered and used as a midi controller to trigger various synths and electronic drums, which is prevalent on much of the album. I find myself not done experimenting with what can be done musically with just synthesizers and drums.”

That he does. If you’re familiar with our friends over at Coup Sur Coup Records, which the album is set to be released through this May, you can tell instantly that it’s a good fit. Somewhere between experimental ambient and electronic film score, “Tenebrae” a bona fide mood setter. In fact, before we even read Will’s description, we were instantly thinking of old-school slasher and horror film intros the song would be perfect for.

“The song “Tenebrae” is named after the Dario Argento Giallo film of the same name, and was inspired by the music of Dario Argento’s films. This was the first song I wrote using a modular synthesizer and set the tone for the rest of the resulting album. The music video was also inspired by Dario Argento and is a homage to POV shots in horror films and visual surrealism.”

We may wish we knew more about film and film history, but we’re looking forward to hearing the rest of the album, especially after scoping out the track listing. Are “This is the Well” and “This is the Water” related? Is “Naked City” going to reference any John Zorn styled, jazz-core freakouts? Only Time Fog: Music for Liminal Moments can tell.

Time Fog is set to release May 13th, which may or may not be a Friday. Just stay away from Crystal Lake either way to be safe. Here’s to everyone having a safe, decent weekend! Coming up we’ve got an interview with the newest member of The Armed, an insider scoop on the new Childspeak album, and a whole lot more. If you’d like to keep us caffeinated, and you should, feel free to donate to our Buy Me A Coffee here. See you soon!