Welcome to Odmiana‘s Exploring Now.

Most places are doing it tough right now. The UK are back in lockdown. US corona-cases are rising again. It’s definitely been a shit-kicking year. What we could all use right now is a nice cup of tea, some warmth, and some tunes.

So let’s talk about Detroit’s Odmiana. While they are new kids on the math rock block, Ken, Caleb, and Billy have been making music together since middle school. According to the band, it serves as a vessel through which they can connect to others and express themselves, be it an interesting arrangement or something more tender.

The songs on Odmiana’s new full length Exploring Now were written over the course of two years now and involved overcoming a number of personal and environmental barriers. “There was a lot of doubt at certain points, as some things seemed to drag on longer than we anticipated,” the band tell me, “Still, we pushed through and did our best to retain the same vision. In the end it felt great to pull through and finish the job“. Perseverance, by golly we all need that right now.

The outcome has certainly been worth it. Exploring Now espouses the slow-burning and somber charm of Dilute and Pretend, and incorporates the soft vocal style of TTNG to unveil its stories. Definitely check this one out, and keep your spirits high x

Exploring Now is out (check notes) tomorrow?! Well, no one told us! Just kidding, they did. Go smash that pre-order button on Bandcamp and nab this one before it’s out of the oven