Ah, we get it now. Neckbolt, potentially named after the Frankenstein monster’s signature accessories, has an exclusive new song and music video for us today, so hold on to your hat. Er, bolts.

Neckbolt have a morbidly psychedelic sound, with apparently much inspiration coming from a place of dreams – and not necessarily just the good ones. (dream dump), the band’s upcoming album, is described as ‘hypnagogic,’ a nifty word referring to a kind of sleep paralysis that often comes with dark hallucinations. So we understand a little trepidation, sure, but based on everything we’ve heard so far, it’s worth it.

Whether or not you claim to have seen such things, or even be ready for one or these hypnagogic experiences, you are about to experience one through the art of song. Noisy, terrifying song. Sorry. But also not.

Check out the exclusive taste of “Marriane 05” below.


It’s a pretty freakish screed – hushed, grating, unpredictable yelps punctuate the pulsing chaos in a way that reminds us of both Oh Sees and Lightning Bolt, but also the sludgy recklessness of Body Void and Chat Pile.

Here’s a surreal quote from the band:

“Marianne will be there,’ James remembers from a dream. It’s not clear, but it’s enduring. James has been thinking about that dream since 2009. Musically – we wanted a punisher…

… Sonically, the songs are as densely layered as the subconscious states they depict. Amidst peals of guitar, distorted bass, and driving rhythms, hidden treasures lie. There is a ton of ‘ear candy’ recorded with room mics or computer mics or phones. For example, we used a wooden pencil and the top of a scented candle as a placeholder for some of the auxiliary percussion on one song, to capture the rhythm that we would eventually track with real percussion. After a hundred rounds of sending this song back and forth, this ‘wood block’ sound ended up being ingrained in the song and we really didn’t want to mess with it. So that’s what you hear. This kind of stuff is all over the record.”

We are definitely feeling punished, but also like we just discovered a dreamy piece of dark treasure, so mission accomplished, we’d say. Like a pile of sleep-deprived chainsaws, Neckbolt is set to scratch and scrape itself into our subconscious with a unique brand of energy on (dream dump), and we’re excited to see how it sounds, and what it all means.

Is it just us or has this been one of the outright most insane years in music? That’s probably a hard thing to define, maybe it’s just the heat. To celebrate, make sure to pre-order the Neckbolt record here from Chicago’s legendary Born Yesterday Records – coming up this week, we’ve got the biggest dump of the year later today, our first Not Another Fecking Gear Review, and more! Thanks for reading!