mission creep
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Excuse us, do you have a moment to talk about math soul? Yes, you do. Or at least, you’re about to, because Mission Creep is are a UK band pioneering the partnership of two very distant, but very related genres.

If you’re a little taken back by this statement, clearly you haven’t read William Covert’s Math Rock History Part Three – you can do the homework if you want here. But you don’t really have to, because below, Mission Creep have served up a deliciously deep example of ways old school soul and RnB can intersect with modern dynamics and create something really fresh.

To keep things firmly in the math rock ball park, we have the respected Mark Roberts (Delta Sleep, Black Peaks, Toska) at the helm in terms of engineering. Get a load of that perfect balance with “Patterns” below.


Also, that artwork is nifty as hell, but if you’ve already established a pattern of attracting interstellar jellyfish into your life, it’s time to look inwards. Sonically though, we wouldn’t change a thing, because “Patterns” is one of the most electrifying songs of the season so far, so we’re really looking forward to seeing whatever the future holds for Mission Creep.

In addition to the math rock and soul influence, you can definitely hear a little prog in there too. But we’re not talking Dream Theatre, or even King Crimson – it’s something bluesier and more down to earth altogether, and despite the vintage influence, it still comes off as fairly modern. It might not quite be a throwback, but a throw-forward, where the ball flies all the way around the world and comes up behind you.

Alright, we’ll get off your couch now. Stream Mission Creep here on Spotify, buy us a coffee here if you’ve got a ton of money you don’t know what to do with, and thank you so much for reading. Coming up we’ve got more from Lynx, Teen Prime, Two Brothers, After Nations, and more. Have a great weekend, everyone!