Double Mint Dragon


To be honest, we can only really imagine what it were like if time, were in fact, a drug. Would you smoke it? How would you smoke it if there was no ‘time’ to do so? Huh?

Yeah, we don’t know either. But you can thank Double Mint Dragon for today’s heady train of thought, and it’s not just because of the funky song title. In fact, “Time Drug,” could have been called anything, and we’d still be into it.

For the record, we are glad it’s called that, and the vibes contained within live up to the name. What it lacks in psychedelia, it makes up for in focus and overall commitment to the idea that time, is in fact, a drug.

Smoke the “Time Drug” below.

“Time Drug” is actually the third single teasing us from Double Mint Dragon’s upcoming record Silver Volt, due out May 26th of this year. “Hot Shave” was a slightly darker affair, and teased a grunge-her affinity they might bring out more of on the record. “Perky Pat,” the band’s first single also did this, now that we think about it, but it had a prog aesthetic too, and somewhat prominent vocals as well, so who knows what we are to really expect?

Whatever the vibes, and however they’re administered, we’re sure Double Mint Dragon will be able to smuggle them into our noggins without much of a problem. It’s not easy listening, but it is easy to listen to, especially if you’re into heavier, vaguely funky stuff like LITE, Battles or Holy Fuck. We’ll keep you posted!

Actually, if time were a drug you would probably snort it. Or like… nevermind. Time is not a drug, kids. Don’t do it. Don’t do time. We’re going to go camping now, and not do any time drugs at all. Pre-order the record here, and send us into the woods with some caffeine here if you’d like. Coming up we’ve got Finte, The Bob Lazar Story, and much more. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and thank you for reading!