EXCLUSIVE // Listen to Hoggs Bison’s new single ‘Gold Top Jersey’


Hoggs Bison, as you know, have one of the most creative names in the world. But let’s put that to the side for now and talk about the Higgs Boson. So just to refresh your memory, a boson is a sub-atomic particle a subatomic particle with zero (or integral) spin. Photons (you know, light particles), they are bosons. The Higgs boson is the subatomic particle which gives other particles their mass. They are essentially the constitutive property that allows things to exist, which is why they are dubbed ‘the God particle’. The only way to prove they exist themselves is to bombard protons together in a giant velodrome thing called a Large Hadron Collider.

But this is all inconsequential scientific hodge-podge of course, because the mightier discovery is that, by switching just two letters, the term is changed to form the names of two of the well known even-toed ungulates: the hog and the bison. That’s right, even the same bloody phylogenetic order of animal (Artiodactyla). That’s a heck of a trick, one that dain’t need $13 billion to confirm its existence.

But I digress. Hoggs Bison have kindly offered us a taste of their latest single ‘Gold Top Jersey’, ahead of its digital release on Friday. The release will comprise two brand new tracks plus a further two demo tracks. ‘Gold Top Jersey’ is a lovely nod to the golden math rock days of Shellac, Ativin, Dianogah, Paul Newman and various others. Those looking for some nostalgia, or those curious about the math rock sounds of old, check this one out.

bathingGold Top Jersey is out on November 18th via ingue records. You can pre-order the bugger right now via Bandcamp. Be good to each other.