Animals as Leaders – The Madness Of Many (2016)


Imagine that you’re on a space station gantry, aliens endlessly shooting eternal rounds of space ammunition in your general direction and, overwhelmed, you can do nothing but pin yourself helplessly to the floor and submit to the will of your superiors.

Now replace that space station gantry with your desk chair/bus seat/hospital bed [delete as appropriate], the aliens with Tosin Abasi (guitarist extraordinaire and leader of Animals As Leaders) and the space ammunition with equally intimidating barrages of ridiculously complex mathematical guitar lines in all manner of timings (Anthony Fantano summed it up quite well in this clip) underpinned by drummer Matt Gartska’s, who is similarly amazing, brutal mechanical beats.

Keep the submission though, that can stay.

File Under

Shredding, Disjointed Riffs, Distortion, Instrumental

Sounds A Tad Like

Periphery, Meshuggah, TesseracT, The Contortionist…you get the idea


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