EXCLUSIVE // Listen to the newest tracks from a-tota-so (featuring members of Alright The Captain and Cheap Jazz)


We love collabs. What could be better than your favourite musicians taking their stylistic tendencies from their respective bands and merging them into one all-sick Voltron band? Sure, occasionally the results are what one would call a fuck-up (like that time Phil Collins collaborated with Bone Thugs N Harmony) but by and large collabs are pretty good, fair to say they are exciting.

So naturally we’ve been excited by this little math rock collab out of Derby. a-tota-so are a brand new instrumental rock band featuring Marty and Jamie from Alright the Captain on strings, and Chris from Cheap Jazz on drums. The guys started playing music together about two months ago and, perish the thought of rest, immediately recorded three tracks at JT Soar in Nottingham. These tracks will be released digitally in December, but this week we are lucky to premiering one for public consumption: ‘Clever Liver’, a feast of melodic hooks that gets louder and fist-pumpier with time. We’re pretty excited to see where these guys end up in 2017.

You can keep up to date with a-tota-so via Facebook. Also keep an eye out for new a-tota-so realeses on bandcamp in the upcoming months.