EXCLUSIVE // Listen to Heirloom’s new track ‘Lunar Swoon’

And now for something different. Something a bit more wholesome, down-to-earth and satisfying.

Los Angeles’ Heirloom, not to be confused with the equally folkish Montreal group, combine the lavish, exploratory instrumentation of math rock and post rock, and fuse it with a raw folk sensibility. To prove it, we are offering an el exclusivo from their upcoming EP overgrowth, to be released on April 25th.

‘Lunar Swoon’ is the gentle but oh-so-slightly-askew ballad that opens overgrowth. Featuring a delicious medley of interwoven guitar-violin passages and soothing vocals, the track fits nicely in the ‘post-folk’ lair where acts like Hikes and These Paper Satellites also comfortably sit. A musical niche where songs are rich and vibrant, but carry a stripped-back and low-to-the-ground earthiness. A place where the listener doesn’t feel so far connected from the musician. It’s a fun time.

a1369708735_10You can go and pre-order Heirloom’s ‘overgrowth’ right damn now via their Bandcamp page. Stay up to date with their swagger on their Facebook page.