FOCUS // A showcase of South American math rock

I once wrote that I believe each region in the world has a stamp on the music it produces. South American countries are a fine example of this. As a Mexican, I’m inclined to feed my ears with homemade music, and this has lead me to embrace the Latin American musical pride (if you can call it that) through the years. In this article I intend to highlight some of the most relevant math rock bands not only their cutting edge music, but also for the role they play in developing the music scene of their respective countries.
Whether it is the folk influence or an avant-garde approach, math rock bands in this part of the globe have an utterly unique sound inspired by cultural roots and powered by the eagerness of musicians to create innovative and challening music.

Enough said. Get ready for a whirly range of different math sounds as we roll out 15 of our favourite South American math rock bands.


Location: Temperley, Argentina
Key album: Magyarország vagy halál

I wanted to start this article writing about Hungría. If you hadn’t heard them yet, this is where to start your travels. . The Argentinian duo are the quintessential Argentinian math rock band, an odd-metered sound that reminds you to those 2000-something bands you listened to during high school. They’ve gone on hiatus for an indefinite time, but you can support them via Bandcamp for now.


Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Key album: Presença
Remember Volta do Mar? A further evolution of their ‘avant-math’ sensibilities was created down in Brazil by the boys in SLVDR. Listening to these guys in Presença is quite an awesome experience, because of its embracing and colorful jazzy sound , fiercely drilling your ears through each song. I loved this album in all ways. All the good things from a beautiful country in one single band.


Location: Lima, Peru
Key album: Migraciones

The five-piece band are a beast both in their albums and live (hope you can see them at least once in your life). You can hear? the quality of musicianship in their albums. I love when bands push themselves to trying new things, without losing their true essence. Perfect for a rainy day . Migraciones is a fine example of clean and methodic music, filled with ups and downs, and each song fits like a puzzle piece.

Macho Muchacho

Location: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Key album: Eme Eme EP

One of my personal favorite bands. I must say Macho Muchacho were one of the first Latin American bands I listened to (I found myself headbanging really hard while on it), and I just fell in love with them. I love bands with such a clean sound, mastered technique and passion for that can be listened to in their songs. Ecuador is a culturally diverse country, and it’s this diversity what the boys in Macho Muchacho try to project through their music. I must add the song’s names are just perfect. An excellent band overall. I hope we can have more Macho Muchacho in the future.


Location: Lima, Peru
Key album: Naufragio

One of the Peruvian bands in this article ought to be Wanderlust . I was amazed by their sound the first time I listened to them . I had the chance to interview the guitarist and frontman Mauricio Torres, and it was clear they play for the love for music . Each one of their albums just reflects how technical and good these dudes are. The scene in Peru is growing, and we need more bands like this one. Give their new EP Naufragio a try, you won’t regret it.


Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Key album: La gente vuela en pan lactal

Our second Argentinian band mueble are, in my opinion, the long-lost offspring of Plini and Chon. Both their albums are filled with catchy songs and sharp guitar riffs. One of the best bands in the genre, without a doubt.


Location: Quito, Ecuador
Key album: UNO

You will love Amalgamamma. Dang, just listening to this album is like a punch in the face. You will find a wide range of different genres here, from jazz to noise, with a solid mathy base. Take some time to listen to them, I promise it’ll be worth it.


Location: Región Metropolitana, Chile
Key album: Asteral

The 4-piece Chilean band are one of the renowned exports of the math rock scene in this country, having lead successful tours around Japan and the US. Their sound is simply spectacular, clean and beautiful, and it can be heard in each song. Don’t miss the chance to see them live if they visit your area, which will probably happen soon. :)


Location: Antofagasta, Chile
Key album: Propulsor

If you were looking for thoroughly written and technical music, Hélices is waiting for you to give them a try. A really talented math-space-rock band. Their LP Propulsor, released in 2015, provides a sense of natural flow with ambient sounds between each song. Plus, the cover is beautiful.


Location: Puerto de la Cruz, Venezuela
Key Album: Magia Infinita

Zeta are a hardcore punk math band from Venezuela. They have a rather prolific discography full of edgy guitars and aggressive vocals, and each album is beautiful but fierce. Their latest release, Magia Infinita, was recorded in a single one-take session, and it will blow your speakers up.


Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Key album: Memorias

The international math power trio Malviaje have a pretty long history. Having started in 2012, the band gives it all in each one of their singles and LPs. Great riffs, intense drums and clean bass line, plus a contemporary approach on the genre. They are quite a benchmark of Latin American math rock.


Location: Medellin, Colombia
Key album: Omelette du Fromage

The Colombian duo Corriendo are an example of true and very well-made South American math rock. Simple gear and effects, great vocals and angular riffs, the perfect formula for the math rock listener. These dudes keep it simple and neat. For fans of Two Knights and Algae Bloom.

Fiesta Bizarra

Location: Lima, Peru
Key album: Sadness Sorrow Imathgination

This band’s name describes their music perfectly (Fiesta Bizarra means literally weird party). The (now) five-piece math punk band from Peru gives you a set of great, insane songs in both their Eps and an LP released last year. Despite being a group of younger dudes, they are obviously influenced by 90’s and 00’s culture and music.


Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Key álbum: ep

Argentinian 5-piece band archipiélagos will take you to different levels of intensity. I get really excited when I listen to bands like these, given the fact that they are really good at what they do. They are ideal for every kind of mood, it doesn’t really matter how you’re feeling, the songs they play will stick in your head for good. One of the cleanest bands you’ll ever listen to.


Location: Concepción, Chile
Key album: Cazamareas EP

This Chilean three-piece take math to a new level . With an obvious Latin American stamp, Cazamareas grants a beautiful experience. The harmony they create is just overwhelming, it will give you goosebumps. With a name like that (Cazamareas means literally tide hunter) you get the idea, the best invested 11 minutes of your life.

There are tons and tons of bands in the South American continent, but reviewing them all in one article would be a titanic task. Nevertheless, you can always take a look at the World of Math interactive map and catch on the finest bands around there.