Three Second Kiss


Not long ago, Three Second Kiss revealed that not only had they not ever broken up, but that they had been slowly but surely recording material for eventual release. We just didn’t know when. But today, the Italian three piece reveals “Soulcatchers,” the first new single from their first album in twelve years, officially titled From Fire I Save the Flame, out May 24th via Overdrive Records.

“Soulcatchers” is an anomaly in today’s musical landscape, math rock or not – it’s flamethrower warmth and fiery fuzz immediately and authentically sends listeners to the center of the 1990’s, which makes sense. But it’s also got a uniquely present spin to it, putting it somewhere between old favorites like Bitch Magnet or Drill for Absentee and the anti-temporal meandering of acts like Black Country, New Road and black midi. Check it out below.


It’s direct, but effusive – like gasoline. Here’s a bit of background fro the band themselves:

“… 12 years after our last work (Tastyville, Africantape Rec. 2012), comes FROM FIRE I SAVE THE FLAME, 9 tracks that do not pick up the band’s musical discourse where it was left off. At least to our ears it doesn’t sound the way we were. Nine tracks conceived between composition and instinct, heart and brain, light and darkness, influenced by endless displacements, logistical and existential difficulties, breakups and reconciliations, new loves and rediscovered friendships. We do not review ourselves, as almost everyone does in their press kits. We do not quote individual songs praising their hidden virtues. Aren’t they ridiculous those bands who are self-congratulatory by putting themselves on the side of music writers? We will try not to do that. We are “inside” our sound and simply cannot define it from the outside. We just say that never like today, when life has become so complicated, dry, senseless, divisive, falsely social, never like today playing, composing, sharing music, and recording this record made sense to us.

However, we would like to report that to best capture this new state of mind, we called Don Zientara directly from Arlington/Washington DC to catch the sounds and reproduce the band’s amalgam. Don Zientara has been the perfect sound engineer to return the electricity and empathy of these 9 tracks of visionary and hard-hitting punk rock. Those sonic jams and freedom, free from a codified musical genre, which we believe have always been TSK’s trademark from the mid-1990s to the present, in that Italian post-punk scene able to cross national borders and get noticed abroad as well.

Here, here TSK! Here’s to the band’s first release in over a decade – if the rest of From Fire I Save the Flame sounds like this, we’re in for a treat. A volatile, explosive, nostalgic treat.