EXCLUSIVE // French math rock trio LAC set a new bar with their album ‘Yolanda’

It’s all in a day’s work for Lyon three-piece Lac. With dapper, low-to-the-ground dishes like 141/146 and Vostok, the band have been modestly pumping out stellar math rock records that feel like buried gems in the annals of Bandcamp. We were floored by Vostok back in 2018, and this year, we’re putting the pressure on. You need to start getting floored by their new full length Yolanda.

We are very proud to be premiering Lac’s latest album in its entirety. It’s a clean and coolly angular instrumental record, conjuring up the glory days of Midwestern instrumental rock, a time when Pele, Sharks Keep Moving, Turing Machine and Dianogah reigned supreme. It’s a math rock project that takes art over athletics, imagination over technicality. It’s a warm cup of hibiscus tea, rather than a shot of Kentucky bourbon. Stop the sleep, start the listens.

‘Yolanda’ is out this here Thursday the 5th of March. You can pre-order and do all that nice proactive stuff via Lac’s Bandcamp page.