EXCLUSIVE // Enjoy the twists and turns of Last Hyena’s new math rock banger ‘Yeah, You?’


Look, here it is. I arrive at work to check my e-mails. I’ve been hit up by Josh of Bristol math rock trio Last Hyena with the news of the band’s upcoming EP I Remember the Future, recorded by our bud Tom Peters of Alpha Male Tea Party. Cool I says. Interest peaked. So I go and has a listen, forgetting that I don’t has my headphones in the jack, and the volume is all the way up from blasting IDLES‘ new one the evening before. What I get as I press play is an extremely loud ‘YEAH YOU‘ delivered with unabridged Bristolian vernacular, ringing out through the speakers and thundering down the quiet hallway of my tranquil university workplace. So sure, I am super embarrassed, as we are a small-talk clan round here and the median age is 62. Not the spiciest start to the morning.

But look, had I properly inserted my headphones I’d probably be smacked with the same level of bewilderment for ‘Yeah, You?’. It’s a punishing start to I Remember the Future, followed immediately by a thunderous opening riff and an elegant performance of lavish instrumentation and jazzy warbles. The track nods to the guitar antics and trickeries that pervade acts like ASIWYFA and Bearcubbin.

At times bludgeoning, at other times playful, ‘Yeah, You?’ it’s a thoroughly enjoyable listen and a prime taste of what we have coming at us. Yeah, us.

a1369708735_10‘I Remember the Future’ will be out on the 7th of November, in conjunction with Last Hyena’s UK tour alongside Stoke-on-Trent favourites All The Best Tapes. Your best bet is to head over to their Bandcamp page and get acquainted with their stuff. Peace.