EXCLUSIVE // Members of Hikes have a side project called kellen. Listen to a track…


If you’ve been to a Hikes show, you know Nay Wilkins. You know his onstage charisma, his vocal range that knows no bounds. You probably also know guitarist Claire Puckett, also of Mother Falcon, an original member of Hikes who re-joined the band last year. You know a lot. But did you know they have a new project?

In kellen, Nay and Claire are joined by bassist Dwight Smith to deliver a cool, soothing and perhaps more philosophical version of the math-folk charade. The trio’s debut LP/EP lowercase god will be released on Community Records in December, and is a cathartic insight to Puckett’s thoughts on what it means to mean anything at all. This week, we are offering up a sneak preview of what you can expect.

‘fishbowl’ was written by Puckett, who also delivers the lightly swaying vocals on the track. It’s a departure from the off-kilter nature of Hikes, a warm batch of emo mixed with reverberating jangle pop echoing the The Smiths or XTC. Yet, there are still stylistic oddities to the track, weird chord progressions abound and an eccentric middle section with Puckett calmly singing ‘I can’t think when I know everything‘.

Be sure to give this one a couple of spins. $1 from the sale of each vinyl will be donated to Planned Parenthood so please offer up an extra coin or two.

a1369708735_10‘lowercase god’ will be out on the 7th of December, via the wonderful Community Records. Go and check out the band’s profile and pre-order the album on the Community Records Bandcamp page.