We’ve been racking our brains for the last few hours and trying to think – when’s the last time anyone heard from Rhode Island? Yes, we are aware of Lightning Bolt. We’re not saying nothing could ever happen there or hasn’t, we just haven’t heard much. Alas, this can be the case for a number of smaller states on the East Coast.

Well, it’s a good thing we’re doing that compilation now, isn’t it? Alright, we’ll stop. For now.

Thankfully, Providence’s Delko are here to help us keep the faith. The band has been active since 2018 as far as we can tell, with a number of singles to their name, and Strong Will, the band’s next single, is due soon. Very soon. In fact, you should pre-order / pre-save it here.

More than that, actually, just check out the exclusive taste of the stream below:

You gotta love that lush acoustic guitar sound thrown in there. Delko has an interesting and flavorful way of gliding through transitions and syncopated drum beats, and the acoustic actually preserves, if not downright adds to the feel of the first half of the track before it escalates into soaring post-rock vistas.

It post-rocks so well in fact, that you might not catch at first that there’s a number of nifty little lead lines (on both guitar and synth) just below the surface. We ran the song through a few times when we first heard it and took new things from it every time. It’s a little bit Tides of Man, a little Speed of Sound in Seawater, and a lot of fun while retaining moderate to advanced levels of depth.

See this is why you need to call us more, East Coast. You got the moves – we just wanna show ’em off.

Looking forward to hearing the rest of the Delko singles? Make sure to pre-save the single here – you can also buy us a coffee here if you want, because… because. No, actually we should probably cut back… we’ll just put that stuff to site dues to be honest. Anyway. As we ease back into normal output mode, we’re gearing up for our first Not Another Fecking Gear Review, as well as features from Will Ashby from Graphic World, Gentleman Pig, and What? Nah. Thanks for reading!