stress positions


There’s a unique appeal to the early crust and anarchist punk scenes that never really dies. More than ever, the politics and extremity of bands like Nausea and Extreme Noise Terror are highly resonant with populations that are confused, angry, and looking for an outlet.

But every once in a while a new band comes through with a blistering reminder that the kids are alright, and today, that reminder comes in the form of Stress Positions and their barn-burning ripper of a new single, “White Leech.”

Their new album, Harsh Reality, comes out December 8th via Three One G, arguably the perfect label for the project – but we know you can’t wait. Check out this exclusive early taste below.

Talk about bloodlust – those are some of the most ripping vocals we’ve heard since Amy Miret blew us away with her take of “Smash Racism.” We were actually just comparing her vocal technique to that of Justin Pearson, where the flow and intensity of the emotion takes control, resulting in demonic catharsis that almost creates a new character in the vocal booth altogether. We don’t know anything about Stephanie Brooks, the singer for Stress Positions, but we do know if she keeps those pipes intact she’ll be added to similar lists, and stands to be a legend in her own right when it comes to absolutely shredded vocal takes.

In fact, Stress Positions as a whole just might develop a rapid chokehold on punk and hardcore communities with their galloping guitars and ferocious rhythm section, who tear the house down with every take. We don’t think there’s going to be any accusations of industry planting with this one, folks.

Guitar player Benyamin Rudolph had this to say about the song:

“…The helter skelter bombardment comes to an abrupt halt to give way for a memorable and hooky breakdown to end the song. Lyrically this song is summed up best by the last line – ‘I don’t idolize white male mediocrity.’”

Hell yeah.

Big thanks to Justin Pearson of Three One G for hooking us up with this record – as will likely be the case for many of you, Stress Positions just really scratches the itch at a time where every news headline available is heartbreaking and enraging at the same time. Punk ain’t dead. Just born again. Check out more from the band here or more from Three One G here.