Be Nothing


Old heads, angular obsessives, gather round – there’s a new attraction in town. Be Nothing casts a woolly, long-standing shadow with grunge-y riffs and a barely stable aesthetic somewhere between black midi and Polvo, a flavor we’re sure many of you are about to go absolutely wild over.

We love a good, less-than-hinged, sweaty sailor kind of good time, and… wait, that came out a little differently than we thought it would. But still. If you’re into post-punk bands like Protomartyr, Minutemen, and Poison Arrows, but also like the overwhelming screeds of harder-core acts like Chat Pile or even Leftöver Crack, you’re going to love Be Nothing.

Check out the exclusive stream of Be All The Nothing You Can Be below:

Also, peep the press release from Philadelphia punk rock label Strange Mono:

“Strange Mono is announcing the release of Be Nothing’s second full length album “Be All The Nothing You Can Be” available September 15. This follow up to the trio’s 2020 Self Titled Album offers more of their signature riff heavy, sarcastic punk. Be Nothing–west philly punk stalwarts Brian Nothing, Alexi Papadopoulos, and Alexei Korolev– Have a sound somewhere between The Butthole Surfers, Devo, and The Ramones. Short tight songs, deadpan lyrics, and riffs that’ll worm their way deep into your frontal lobe. Tracks like “Vincent Van Gogh” and “Battle Of The Billionaires” play out like stadium anthems while “I Am A Napkin” and “Born Again Bible Burner” drip with attitude. Frontman Brian Nothing (Urine Trouble, Beer Breakfast Dungeness Crab, Syzlak) has an unmistakable style. As soon as you hear his voice you know it can’t be anyone else. With bassist Alexi Papadopoulos (Stinking Lizaveta) and drummer Alexei Korolev (The Company Corvette) Be Nothing epitomizes the power trio dynamic. An accomplished painter, this album features original artwork by Brian Nothing. Recorded by Bruce Howze Jr at Red Planet Studio and mastered by James Plotkin. ‘Be All The Nothing You Can Be’ is a perfect showcase of the band’s unhinged vibrations. Pre-order the album here.”

We have to heartily agree about the overall effect of this unabashed power trio. Songs like “No Hope” and “Hot Tub Gravity Bong” blur the lines between surreal, retro-leaning simplicity and sardonic wit. If you’re looking for something crunchy and 90’s friendly, but also appealing to the gnarliest of modern sensibilities, Be Nothing is the solution, with Be All the Nothing You Can Be reminding us of several things at once, but also nothing at all, and that’s an accomplishment all in itself.

Check out the rest of their situation on Strange Mono Records here, and fill our cups with black caffeinated sludge here. Coming up we’ve got the East Coast / Midwest comp, Varya, The Pieces of Shit!, and many more. Thanks for reading!