ED – Forest (2014)

We were trés excited to hear about the re-issue of this marvellous little gem from Siberia’s ED. Forest is an album that emits an honest and rich blend of mathematical, instrumental rock. The wandering guitar phrases crossover and reinforce each other, while the bass steers and gives a sense of direction to the sound. The amalgam of guitars gives Forest a rich texture that is groovy and relaxing but also scrupulous and technical, a winning combination that bands like Enemies and The Redneck Manifesto have also perfected. Even the intermittent use of double-kick drumming, usually pabulum for the macho hardcore and deathcore kids, is administered in a way that invigorates the world-enveloping sound of the album.

I couldn’t be any happier with Forest, it provides everything I would want in a band, really. Picture yourself on a calm and relaxing plane ride; the wing flaps come up on the plane as it prepares to land, and you get that brief glimpse into how meticulously wired the aircraft is. I think this is what we’re dealing with here. When the mind wanders, Forest is a calm but luscious adventure with rich soundscapes; when in focus the multifarious wiring of the music-making is immediately apparent.

Ed: Sorry, I just really wanted to make editor joke/pun, but I… yeah.

File Under

Instrumental, math rock, post rock, jazz, soothing, slow-groove, tappity-tap, angularity.

Sounds A Tad Like

Enemies, The Redneck Manifesto, Brownie Mountain, Low-pass


7GBP (bandcamp)