doesn’t – 3rd EP

Yes, yes I know, another Japanese mathy band being fecking awesome. There’s only so much time and money in the world right? But wait, doesn’t are more than worth your time. This is the band’s third EP (well duh – Ed), and the first made available to a worldwide audience via Bandcamp. Always great!

There is a wonderful immediacy to doesn’t’s work: clean guitars, bright tone. The first track ‘light ship’ bounces, maturely, through three ideas in the first minute that most bands would have been happy to have as full songs. Although the band doesn’t (derp) have a bassist, Tasuya Yamada’ baritone guitar provides occasional moments of crunch and groove reminiscence of Jun Izawa of Lite’s filthy funk. In post-rock-y parts the band keep things moving with minimal melody, rhythmic drums and brevity. I perhaps detect a hint of Enemies from the Alpha Waves EP era in here too with closer ‘Church bells’.

Doesn’t doesn’t (okay, stop it now) use to much in the way of fancy effects but they do it’s glorious, as in ‘春’ or the phenomenal track ‘dance’, the section at 1:30 is especially a ‘shut up and take my money’ moment. Indeed, ‘e.p. 3rd’ is full of moments that come out of nowhere and excite.

I thoroughly recommend giving this collection of songs your time, and hope the band see clear to put the rest of their ‘DiscoGraphy’ online too.

File Under

Math rock, post rock, instrumental, soothing, happy

Sounds A Tad Like

Enemies, Low-pass, LITE

Standout Tracks

dance, light ship


¥900 (Bandcamp)


Aichi Prefecture, Japan.